NCIC Missing Persons File - Matthew Diop, MD

NCIC Missing Persons File – Matthew Diop, M.D.


Case subject: Matthew Diop, M.D.

Last Known Location: Shreveport, LA

Diop, born in New Orleans in 08/17/69 to Mariama Diop (deceased 08/24/69) – Haitian illegal – and Geoffrey Glover (deceased 08/24/69) during hurricane Camille. Orphaned due to suspicious circumstances, Diop was raised by his aunt, Madame Annette (deceased 08/24/05). Annette, employed as a card reader, was linked to the deaths and disappearances of several unsolved case files. Annette drew on federal assistance to raise Diop claiming that card reading was not lucrative enough to sustain her and the child.

Diop attended public school, Delgado Community College, and Southeastern Louisiana University where he earned his M.D. and acquired his licensure in Forensic Pathology. Diop consistently performed well in testing and classes but lacked social skills and influence to join fraternities and curry favor with professors. He accumulated substantial debt through public and private loans.

Professional Career:
Appointed ME by City of Shreveport under suspicious circumstances, Mayor Cederic Glover was cleared of nepotism charges. Diop worked 3rd shift for several years and was consistently passed up for promotion. His work is concise and accurate but leads to numerous unanswered questions and unsolved cases; law enforcement resents being paired with him.

Personal Life:
Although highly educated and gainfully employed, Diop consistently falls behind on day to day financial responsibilities. Since living in Shreveport, he has been evicted from 3 apartments, lost 2 cars due to repossession, has 13 max’ed credit cards, and has defaulted on his student loans. Diop had a fiance, “Miss Maggy” who stole his identity and resulted in a large portion of his credit card debt and one of the cars being repossessed in Mississippi.

Last Seen:
Shreveport ME’s Office, break room. Diop had recently opened up a John Doe who had been found buried in a local park. The victim was drained of bodily fluids but did not have significant wounds to correlate to the lack there of. Diop was waiting for investigators to come and continue their side of the investigation. When they arrived, he was not on the premises, his bicycle was still locked outside of the ME’s Office.

NCIC Missing Persons File - Matthew Diop, MD

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