15’ cube constructed of a strange gray metallic substance, the same substance from which all of our bracelets are constructed. The cube has a light source on one side, and a slight indentation on another adjacent. If one of the bracelets is brought near the indent a small opening appears which releases 2 balls of food and 2 balls of water. This only happens once for any given bracelet.

If four bracelets are moved to the four sides adjacent to the light, the side opposite the light recedes. This is no obvious way to reverse this process.

A triangular design on the outside of the cube may likewise be activated by three bracelets, which cause a 4’ diameter hold to appear in the middle of the triangle.

Many of these cubes appear to be floating in seemingly endless space, contained in a large structure or ship of some kind. Some of the cubes are tethered in place, but they are still prone to collision.


The Disappearance Sherman