Every occupant of the cubes is wearing a bracelet made of the same metallic substance as the cube itself. There doesn’t appear to be any way of removing them from our wrists. There appears to be some interaction between the cube and the bracelets, they appear to be a way of feeding the occupants of cubes as well as some light and temperature controls.

The bracelets can be used to pull up a screen to write and record information.

The Unified Collective, uses bracelets as a standard for currency in exchange for goods and services.

Miles’ testing of his bracelet has determined the following:

  • A short blade may be manifested. (d8 damage)
  • A field of breathable atmosphere may be created around the wearer.
  • A force field may be activated. (+3 tough)
  • The effects of the now deceased Tzzchnt’s translation powers could be amplified and used by those in the area.

What is the bracelets power source?


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