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  • ShkkShkk

    A species found in our new place. The ShkkShkk’s resemble insects and were dubbed Buzz Bugs by Dennis. They are aggressive and appear to function with a hive mind mentality. ShkkShkk’s attack and enslave creatures found in the cubes. There is a …

  • The Grey's

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/50390/Grey.jpg(Grey)! One of the 5 alien species that has secretly bought and enslaved the human race. They look like the classic alien. Grey skin, large black eyes, no real nose or ears, a slit for a mouth. …

  • Kithar

    *Ode to Kithar* Kithar was a mighty beast, Not frightened in the least. Words of hate, caused Sphero to exclaim, How the lowbeast should be made lame. When ignored, the invertebrate, enraged, Went silent to be thought disengaged. Rather he waited …

  • Geode

    We call it Rocky. Partly because it rocks, mostly because it's made of rock with a magma core. Rocky and its kind are prone to absorbing any sort of biological matter they come in contact. This includes living things which they first beat into …

  • T-One

    This One is a communal creature who lost all of its allies to Shk'Shks before even escaping the confines of their arrival cube. This One has been a useful ally in a fight if not otherwise. His fearlessness and self-reliance are to be respected.

  • Grull

    The blacksmith, weapons maker, armorer, junk collector at the Unified Collective. It communicates with a series of flashing lights. El Sábado Grandes has a contract with it to bring and sell salvaged items to it first.

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