The Disappearance

The Death and Rebirth of Grant Quinn

Cold. Dark. Nothing.

Its vast and empty, but still something of me lives. I can feel it. I remember the pain and confusion. I remember the sweet taste of life as I fought, fought for them, fought for the right to exist.

A day ago, I was alive. My name was Grant. I was an Archeologist. Life was normal. I sat at my desk sipping my scotch, studying the remains of a prehistoric village found along the Tigris river. I pondered the meaning of the people who flourished there as I ponder my own existence now. Pictographs suggested an ancient lineage connected to the Sumerians. With those same oddly familiar shapes of circular objects in the sky, and humanoid gods leading their people to a better life.

I’m slipping.
I can feel that last hope fading.
Damn it’s cold.

As fast as my peaceful retreat into oblivion encroached, another feeling gripped my consciousness, that of searing pain and the immediate intrusion of someone else, something else, in my head.

It coiled its sharp legs around my spine.
I have a spine?
I can feel my body again!
Am I really alive?

“Hello?” I call out.

Something answered..
It sounded like static, clicks and pops, and slowly a metallic voice formed.

“ Hello creature.” It replied.

“ We are one now creature. I am Ttttzzzzcchh ock tick tick.”

“ What??” I said. “ What do you mean we are one?”

“ My species needs a host to survive. I revived you in order to save us both. Do not be

Slowly I became a former echo of myself. I grasped for the familiar, but it faded from me, and I awoke.

The Birth and Resurrection of Tzzzchant

“ Tzzzorrizch chick chick.. pick tick dink…tic tic”


“ Torriizzch, where are you my son? Am I alive? Where is my host?”

I struggle to understand. One minute I was pruning the rare plants in one of the colonies greenhouses, the next I am without my host, floating and surrounded by strange beings.

My son is not with me. I am alone. The room is cold. Too cold for my species. I contract into a fetal state and await my fate. I am scared.

Thoughts of my family and my home fill my head. The colony needs me. I am vital to it, I provide them with Krreech. It’s the only substance known to allow a peaceful non lethal transition into our Ascendence, our hosts.

I am growing weaker. I must find a new host or I will die.
The creatures here handle me. The do not know I am alive. I sense fear and confusion from them. Like me they seem to have been taken against there will. Their pheromones wreak of stress, fear, aggression, and yet some of them seem to possess intelligence.
One of them takes me.

He runs with me. I am floating. His fear is intense. It is hard to think, he is so scared. His pheromones confuse me even more.

“ No!”

He uses me to kill another. It hurts, but I am still whole. The remains of the dead creature drip from my carapace. More movement and I am inside again, I think.
I sense the death of one of them, the smart one, and seize the opportunity to merge.
It is painful, the most pain I have ever felt. Even worse than the loss of my former host, but it works. We merge and his thoughts flood and mix with my own.

He is scared. We are scared. We stand up. We see. We are alive.

Matthew's Streaming Consciousness

QUOI?! What is this? I was at work, am I dreaming? Wake up, wake up, wake up!

I am in a dimly lit room? I am floating? In the air? There are others in the room, deceased all of them, it appears to be asphyxiation. The air is thin in here, I cannot be far from it myself. This has to be a hallucination, that would explain everything. My wrist, a bracelet. That wasn’t there before, it is not mine. A noise! By the wall, there is a hole.

“ALLO! BONJOUR! ALLO!” – no response.

I must figure out where I am and explore my surroundings, stay alert. The wall spit out a ball of food and water? Satiating hunger will help clear my head, I must risk it. The food is serviceable. I shouldn’t need water for some time now. The noise is there again!

“ALLO! Is there anyone there!?”

There is, they want more food? Can I trust them? No, I must get out! Bracelet fetches the food? A sac, the man there has a waste sac. Turn in out and fill it up. 18 bracelets, like mine? This does not bode well for me.

“I have done it!, let me out!”

I can throw the bracelets. Merde! An explosion! I am free, remercier les dieux! Strange fellows, a strange story. Strength in numbers, I accept what I my companions and this new struggle. They are armed, but now I am too! Not that it will do much good, I will give the boy the food so I can move.

This sensation of jumping is invigorating! This must be like the birds as they fly or how the fish does swim. Noise! Insects they are huge! Ok, watch and learn, you are not a fighter, your oath, no harm. You are nothing if you are not true to yourself when the road is rough. Mais, I must keep mes amies from harm.

This spear is cumbersome, I cannot hit these things! I am useless like this. I am not a field medic. Maybe I can help if I hit him from behind, alors no I am useless in this, for now.

To what purpose?

I can’t figure it out. As we explore our new surroundings I cannot fathom the purpose of such a place. Cubes everywhere each filled with all manner of creatures. Clearly none that we have encountered have been the architects, only captives like us. Is it all just some sort of grand experiment?

The buzz-bugs have clearly started to develop an empire, systematically raiding cubes for resources and killing anything not their kind. If we are to stop them we must find allies, other humans or amicable spices like Sphero. We must also find out more about these cubes and how they operate. I think that there is huge potential here is we can only figure it out. Clearly blind experimentation is dangerous but must be undertaken. Perhaps we can find a plentiful and docile species that we could domesticate to help in these endeavors.


I knew it the whole time!

I knew it! It’s all true. All this time merely suspecting what was really going. A fleeting glimpse here, a nagging clue there. It was maddening!

But now to have to the truth presented right before my very eyes is beyond belief! I can not begin to describe the wonders and horrors that I have beheld. There are others with me to witness this monumental time in human history. Together we will return and spread the truth about everything to the ignorant masses. They can’t hide THIS from them! The Illuminati’s choke hold on society is finally weakening and those of us who been working so long in secret will at last be recognized for the great men and women we are!

Still I cannot help but wonder at such a staggering revelation. Why now? To what purpose has all been laid bare? I must be hyper astute and detailed in my reporting to ensure that the Council is aware of everything that happens here.

Dear Mom "By Martin J. Marrow"

March 6th, 2011

Dear Mom,

Agent Martin J. Marrow reporting.

Today was interesting:
It’s amazing what you can find in peoples refrigerators and trash bins.
I’ve learned that a refrigerators’ contents have nothing to do with what a person normally eats, and that a persons trash is directly related to their caloric intake! Consequently, this affects the rate of decay, say if this person were to die tragically in their apartment! Of course, this only works if they are in close proximity to their fridge, but still, an interesting bit of deducting if I don’t say so myself!

I also found that there is an inordinate amount of young people wearing the color pink in a not so stylish way….

In the case of the missing intern, we have some very provoking leads. We pursued a black sedan with two suspects that match the description of a man I saw at the crime scene. After firing a few shots and certainly hurting one of them, my artful driving skills got us extremely close to apprehending them, until I blacked out. I’m hoping the officer pointing his weapon at me here will have some answers as to where our leads have gone, because I sure don’t know what the hell happened.
Tell dad I said Hi!

Your son,

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