The Disappearance

Working Hard for the Money

Now that we have realized these bracelets can be used to write and record information I should more then likely do so for posterities sake. At very least it will keep my mind occupied and help me to slow it’s eventual breaking in these etrange circumstances.

I have found an incredible thing, a fish flask. It is shaped juste like a camping flask from our home but it is alive. Such incroyable things here in my new existence. The flask also has unique properties, it turns water into what appears to be a narcotic. Miles sampled it and has been asking for it incessantly since. We were able to sell merely a flask of fluid for 2 bracelets. I plan on harvesting some more and selling it over the next few cycles that we are here. I do hope that the fluid it transforms is not addictive. Standing between an addict and a drug is tres dangereux.

I have traded some of my time to ensure that we have some medical supplies. What I can learn of other species shall be worth the experience and I would have done it freely, just to learn. It is etrange that I will help the living more now then I shall help the dead. This is what I can offer our troupe, I must be able to carry my own weight and remain valuable.

I have consigned myself to take some of our time in this cramped room to try and work on being able to protect myself, physically. Peut-ĂȘtre, I shall purchase a weapon withe currency earned from the flask and seek some training in it. In my youth, it was not too much of a problem. I fear that an intellectual’s life has taken much of it from me. When I am not resting I shall promenade this collective and perhaps search for an incendiary device. Fire is important, it is the thing that brought our species from being animals to what we are now. I think it will come in handy, also I wonder if the flask’s fluid is flammable. I will have to experiment.



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