The Disappearance

Transferred to

Subject: Transferred

I am sorry for the way that we last spoke. I told you the transfer is only temporary and now I am out of B-More. You know us g-men get sent there to be forgotten about. I knew it was only a matter of time until I was noticed. I know that the incident with my first partner Pappas wasn’t my fault and I have been waiting for the opportunity to prove myself. It’s just so frustrating, things have always come so easily to me.
I know you won’t be missing me with the beach season coming up, you will have a lot to do. Teaching the yokels to ride giants and working on that tan.
Thinking of you,
D.J. to

Subject: RE: Transferred


I wasn’t mad when you told me you were transferred, I was shocked. You always told me how you wanted to help clean up B-More and protect it from the scum that comes in from DC.

You’re right about the beach. I can practically feel the warm weather and the waves. I still remember that summer we met when we went down south and I taught you how to surf. You had better be able to take the time this summer to get to Australia to hunt for that 50 year storm, it should be there this year.

Love and muffins,




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