The Disappearance

The Resistance

Scrawled in a notebook with a surf board picture on it that can be found under Smith’s pillow.

Writing – need to know if this is as crazy as I think it is.
We made it. No longer g-men, fugitives. Living in a ramshackle camp in bfe. They tell us we are slaves to aliens. Pulled bbs out of our skin, a big one out of Meyer.

lectured for hours – boring – We are slaves to aliens 5 types: mechans (scribble robot hand), greys (scribble alien “take me to your leader”) UGH! yeah right! Wheels is lame!

Alight they are real. Got our assess handed to us. Couldn’t even shoot the bastards. Starkweather bloodied us all. Fucking aliens! fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! Maybe I should pay attention next time.

Got a mission, gearing up. Gonna give the Men in Black a black eye.



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