The Disappearance

The more you know

When I was a boy there were these commercials during the Saturday morning cartoons that I would see, they would imply the more that you know the better you are able to deal with the situations that life presents. I would always remember these when I would struggle with my education.

Taking work as a ME I would find the strangest things in Shreveport. Things that could not exist, mais the science was there. Those imb├ęciles refused to accept. Now I live this life struggling to survive and to help those around me live a better life. Aside from my doctoring I have left much of my previous life behind. I think I will have to find some of these Buzz Bugs or Shhkshhk’s corpses and look into their physiology. They have obviously marked us as enemies. I must learn everything I am able to determine their weaknesses.

I wonder what we have that will be sufficient to cut through their exoskeleton. I may need a couple hours to do this, but we generally take the larger ones with us to use collect for armors. A smaller one would be useful aussi. I wonder if we can upload images to these bracelets. That would make my study easier in the long run.



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