The Disappearance

Multi dimensional Garage Door Opener

We retaliated on the hive to pay our debt. The battle was long and gruesome. We lost Rocky and Ken. They fought with a ferocity that allowed us to persevere. Grayson lost an arm, mais it returned in the form of a Shhkshhk arm. Highly disturbing. Our recovery of the Unified Collectives captured people was a failure. Most of them died and we have made Teresa an enemy instead of only someone who uses us. I found an interesting object in the hand of one of the slaves we freed and allowed to die. A key of sorts. Miles is fiddling with it now.

We captured a flying saucer, a real one. It was full of Shhkshhk eggs that the Foundry would not purchase. We were given a radio to contact them but I am wary they will sell our location. The UC has sent mercenaries to take our ship by force.

Jack is looking for a way out of this place, we are moving along the edge.

Miles still has the key it shows some lights but nothing is happening yet.

There is an exit. We are goin

power failure



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