The Disappearance

Matthew's Streaming Consciousness

QUOI?! What is this? I was at work, am I dreaming? Wake up, wake up, wake up!

I am in a dimly lit room? I am floating? In the air? There are others in the room, deceased all of them, it appears to be asphyxiation. The air is thin in here, I cannot be far from it myself. This has to be a hallucination, that would explain everything. My wrist, a bracelet. That wasn’t there before, it is not mine. A noise! By the wall, there is a hole.

“ALLO! BONJOUR! ALLO!” – no response.

I must figure out where I am and explore my surroundings, stay alert. The wall spit out a ball of food and water? Satiating hunger will help clear my head, I must risk it. The food is serviceable. I shouldn’t need water for some time now. The noise is there again!

“ALLO! Is there anyone there!?”

There is, they want more food? Can I trust them? No, I must get out! Bracelet fetches the food? A sac, the man there has a waste sac. Turn in out and fill it up. 18 bracelets, like mine? This does not bode well for me.

“I have done it!, let me out!”

I can throw the bracelets. Merde! An explosion! I am free, remercier les dieux! Strange fellows, a strange story. Strength in numbers, I accept what I my companions and this new struggle. They are armed, but now I am too! Not that it will do much good, I will give the boy the food so I can move.

This sensation of jumping is invigorating! This must be like the birds as they fly or how the fish does swim. Noise! Insects they are huge! Ok, watch and learn, you are not a fighter, your oath, no harm. You are nothing if you are not true to yourself when the road is rough. Mais, I must keep mes amies from harm.

This spear is cumbersome, I cannot hit these things! I am useless like this. I am not a field medic. Maybe I can help if I hit him from behind, alors no I am useless in this, for now.



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