The Disappearance

la baleine espace

We headed to the forge on foot. Found ourselves ambushed by ShkkShkk’s and rescued a space whale who has been given le nom Willy. Our chauffeur and the junkie fixed it so that we were no longer a pied. There is a new human in our troupe, a japanese man who believes we are in Universal Studios mais he’ll learn. We rode the whale as if we were characters in Herbert novel, the rest of our excursion was uneventful we made it to the foundry. The advances, the technology, the wonders. I have acquired a new med kit and we have unlocked another piece of the bracelets, it is tres important. A field that guards us for harm. We have bankrupted ourselves financing our new technology

Merde, the Unified Collective is under attack. We shall go to aide them. The whale shall take us and we shall see what can be done. I hope that Ken and the Japanese man will fare well.



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