The Disappearance

Incident Report Ninja Attack

Incident Report: Ninja Attack

Agents Meyer, Starkweather, Morrow, and Smith, followed up on the report of Dennis Hammond’s car passing through a toll booth and then later being abandoned. Meyer and Starkweather questioned a crowed of people who reported seeing a unidentified flying object and acquired a series of blurry photographs.

Morrow and Smith inspected Hammond’s vehicle and found it to be clean. Smith questioned a group of sailors and learned that the missing persons Hammond and Quinn were spotted on the pier earlier that day. At the same time that the locals had spotted the object.

The lead and questioning occupied enough time that it was prudent to stay the night at a local hotel. While at the hotel, the local law enforcement requested assistance investigating. The agents agreed to assist in the AM.

In order to conserve funds, the agents shared rooms Meyer and Starkweather & Morrow and Smith. Starkweather posted a watch and was ambushed, his own report to follow. Morrow took advantage of down time and surveyed the bar until he was inebriated.

While letting Morrow into the room Smith observed suspicious activity and ducked back in to fetch his side arm and badge, while doing this he was attacked from behind. After struggling with the assailant Smith freed himself and shot at the attacker. Meyer investigated the gunshots. The assailant attempted to flee, Meyer and Smith pursued firing upon the assailant. Meyer pursued the assailant outside where they were picked up by a vehicle and fled the scene.

Agent D. Smith



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