The Disappearance

Multi dimensional Garage Door Opener

We retaliated on the hive to pay our debt. The battle was long and gruesome. We lost Rocky and Ken. They fought with a ferocity that allowed us to persevere. Grayson lost an arm, mais it returned in the form of a Shhkshhk arm. Highly disturbing. Our recovery of the Unified Collectives captured people was a failure. Most of them died and we have made Teresa an enemy instead of only someone who uses us. I found an interesting object in the hand of one of the slaves we freed and allowed to die. A key of sorts. Miles is fiddling with it now.

We captured a flying saucer, a real one. It was full of Shhkshhk eggs that the Foundry would not purchase. We were given a radio to contact them but I am wary they will sell our location. The UC has sent mercenaries to take our ship by force.

Jack is looking for a way out of this place, we are moving along the edge.

Miles still has the key it shows some lights but nothing is happening yet.

There is an exit. We are goin

power failure

la baleine espace

We headed to the forge on foot. Found ourselves ambushed by ShkkShkk’s and rescued a space whale who has been given le nom Willy. Our chauffeur and the junkie fixed it so that we were no longer a pied. There is a new human in our troupe, a japanese man who believes we are in Universal Studios mais he’ll learn. We rode the whale as if we were characters in Herbert novel, the rest of our excursion was uneventful we made it to the foundry. The advances, the technology, the wonders. I have acquired a new med kit and we have unlocked another piece of the bracelets, it is tres important. A field that guards us for harm. We have bankrupted ourselves financing our new technology

Merde, the Unified Collective is under attack. We shall go to aide them. The whale shall take us and we shall see what can be done. I hope that Ken and the Japanese man will fare well.

The Resistance

Scrawled in a notebook with a surf board picture on it that can be found under Smith’s pillow.

Writing – need to know if this is as crazy as I think it is.
We made it. No longer g-men, fugitives. Living in a ramshackle camp in bfe. They tell us we are slaves to aliens. Pulled bbs out of our skin, a big one out of Meyer.

lectured for hours – boring – We are slaves to aliens 5 types: mechans (scribble robot hand), greys (scribble alien “take me to your leader”) UGH! yeah right! Wheels is lame!

Alight they are real. Got our assess handed to us. Couldn’t even shoot the bastards. Starkweather bloodied us all. Fucking aliens! fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! Maybe I should pay attention next time.

Got a mission, gearing up. Gonna give the Men in Black a black eye.

The more you know

When I was a boy there were these commercials during the Saturday morning cartoons that I would see, they would imply the more that you know the better you are able to deal with the situations that life presents. I would always remember these when I would struggle with my education.

Taking work as a ME I would find the strangest things in Shreveport. Things that could not exist, mais the science was there. Those imbéciles refused to accept. Now I live this life struggling to survive and to help those around me live a better life. Aside from my doctoring I have left much of my previous life behind. I think I will have to find some of these Buzz Bugs or Shhkshhk’s corpses and look into their physiology. They have obviously marked us as enemies. I must learn everything I am able to determine their weaknesses.

I wonder what we have that will be sufficient to cut through their exoskeleton. I may need a couple hours to do this, but we generally take the larger ones with us to use collect for armors. A smaller one would be useful aussi. I wonder if we can upload images to these bracelets. That would make my study easier in the long run.

guano to

Subject: guano


I wasn’t promoted or given a chance to prove myself, I was put away. We are fuckin pariahs. The cases are opened, then closed, then opened. WTF!?! We got people with pay grades too high to see breathing down or necks. Also, the stable people on the assignment are snapping. I don’t know what the fuck to think, I am starting to get real uneasy.

Thinking of you,


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Par les dieux! The amount of ego that these people have. We are now 4 maybe 5 days trapped in a place that we do not know and we reduce our mutual struggle down to bickering and a lack of cooperation. We forget the civility and practice of humanité. It brings us misfortune and discorde shall be our downfall. Alors que we were spatting we were attacked by those who far outmatched us. I cannot in good conscious let a man who I feel is a budding addict have unlimited access to an untested, unidentified chemical. I feel that it will be the ruin of many more then just him. I do not need a sabre, let him keep his tricks.

The energy that these bracelets we wear comes from somewhere, but where? Peut-être notre corps?

Incident Report Ninja Attack

Incident Report: Ninja Attack

Agents Meyer, Starkweather, Morrow, and Smith, followed up on the report of Dennis Hammond’s car passing through a toll booth and then later being abandoned. Meyer and Starkweather questioned a crowed of people who reported seeing a unidentified flying object and acquired a series of blurry photographs.

Morrow and Smith inspected Hammond’s vehicle and found it to be clean. Smith questioned a group of sailors and learned that the missing persons Hammond and Quinn were spotted on the pier earlier that day. At the same time that the locals had spotted the object.

The lead and questioning occupied enough time that it was prudent to stay the night at a local hotel. While at the hotel, the local law enforcement requested assistance investigating. The agents agreed to assist in the AM.

In order to conserve funds, the agents shared rooms Meyer and Starkweather & Morrow and Smith. Starkweather posted a watch and was ambushed, his own report to follow. Morrow took advantage of down time and surveyed the bar until he was inebriated.

While letting Morrow into the room Smith observed suspicious activity and ducked back in to fetch his side arm and badge, while doing this he was attacked from behind. After struggling with the assailant Smith freed himself and shot at the attacker. Meyer investigated the gunshots. The assailant attempted to flee, Meyer and Smith pursued firing upon the assailant. Meyer pursued the assailant outside where they were picked up by a vehicle and fled the scene.

Agent D. Smith

Frustrated to

Subject: Frustrated


Things are so frustrating, as always I will have to be vague in some spots but I need to vent a little. I am working with this team of agents and we are looking to help people and they don’t cooperate. Granted it probably looked intimidating 5 of us in suits with badges when we approached the subject he wouldn’t let us in to talk to him. He kept us outside as if we were trying to talk to him about Jehovah or some shit. Not like we were looking out for his benefit, then I got pissed. People need to respect us, we are FBI agents! I admit what I did after might have raised some eyebrows but I walked to the edge of the line might have put my toes on it.

I am gonna have to take some deep breaths and think a bit more, you know honey and fly’s.

The weird thing is that he was gone when we went back, like just gone.

Thinking of you,
D.J. to

Subject: RE: Frustrated


I see what you mean, I would be pissed too. But maybe you do need to chill a bit, your fuse is so short. What do you mean, you put your toes on the line? No, never mind, I don’t wanna know. Just relax and think about the beach and rack up that vacation time. People have conspiracies about the government, not the other way around. This new gig you got sounds risky. I want you in one piece, keep your head down and that vest on.



Working Hard for the Money

Now that we have realized these bracelets can be used to write and record information I should more then likely do so for posterities sake. At very least it will keep my mind occupied and help me to slow it’s eventual breaking in these etrange circumstances.

I have found an incredible thing, a fish flask. It is shaped juste like a camping flask from our home but it is alive. Such incroyable things here in my new existence. The flask also has unique properties, it turns water into what appears to be a narcotic. Miles sampled it and has been asking for it incessantly since. We were able to sell merely a flask of fluid for 2 bracelets. I plan on harvesting some more and selling it over the next few cycles that we are here. I do hope that the fluid it transforms is not addictive. Standing between an addict and a drug is tres dangereux.

I have traded some of my time to ensure that we have some medical supplies. What I can learn of other species shall be worth the experience and I would have done it freely, just to learn. It is etrange that I will help the living more now then I shall help the dead. This is what I can offer our troupe, I must be able to carry my own weight and remain valuable.

I have consigned myself to take some of our time in this cramped room to try and work on being able to protect myself, physically. Peut-être, I shall purchase a weapon withe currency earned from the flask and seek some training in it. In my youth, it was not too much of a problem. I fear that an intellectual’s life has taken much of it from me. When I am not resting I shall promenade this collective and perhaps search for an incendiary device. Fire is important, it is the thing that brought our species from being animals to what we are now. I think it will come in handy, also I wonder if the flask’s fluid is flammable. I will have to experiment.

Transferred to

Subject: Transferred

I am sorry for the way that we last spoke. I told you the transfer is only temporary and now I am out of B-More. You know us g-men get sent there to be forgotten about. I knew it was only a matter of time until I was noticed. I know that the incident with my first partner Pappas wasn’t my fault and I have been waiting for the opportunity to prove myself. It’s just so frustrating, things have always come so easily to me.
I know you won’t be missing me with the beach season coming up, you will have a lot to do. Teaching the yokels to ride giants and working on that tan.
Thinking of you,
D.J. to

Subject: RE: Transferred


I wasn’t mad when you told me you were transferred, I was shocked. You always told me how you wanted to help clean up B-More and protect it from the scum that comes in from DC.

You’re right about the beach. I can practically feel the warm weather and the waves. I still remember that summer we met when we went down south and I taught you how to surf. You had better be able to take the time this summer to get to Australia to hunt for that 50 year storm, it should be there this year.

Love and muffins,



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